photographer jefra starr linn


I’m a picture person. I think visually. Photos, design, film - these are my language. Through use of light and focus, I believe in emphasizing the emotion of s moment, the feeing behind the photograph rather than nailing tack sharp, technically charged photos every single time.

I've been shooting professionally for over ten years, and majored and graduated in fine art and design in college.

It's said that when you take a photo of someone you capture their soul. I believe you not only capture their soul, but their personality, their spirit, their relationships, love, curiousity, joy, peace, energy. All of these make up the portrait and compositision of "Somebody". This is what I photograph.

I've never met a single dull person or been to a boring place in my life.

I think you get to know someone so well by just reading what they love – here’s me…

  • Lens flares
  • Transparency
  • Shadows
  • Symbolism
  • Blur and bokeh
  • Light and glow

I live with my husband and three children in Utah.

Jefra Starr Linn